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What is BRIX?

Discover BRIX, where natural maple energy meets every adventure. Whether you’re an athlete pushing boundaries or an outdoor enthusiast embracing the journey, BRIX, a 100% maple-based energy gel, is here to fuel your endeavors.

All Sport & Activity

BRIX provides every sport and activity with tailored energy refueling, everything from intense workouts to outdoor adventures.

100% Vegan & Gluten free

BRIX is your go-to choice for inclusive, healthy energy – 100% vegan and gluten-free for all lifestyles.

100% Natural

BRIX offers clean, natural energy, sourced from a single ingredient. Feel the power of nature in every product.

The Maple Syrup Advantage

At BRIX, we’ve harnessed the natural energy powerhouse of maple syrup to create a unique energy-refuelling product for endurance athletes and outdoor enthusiasts.

As found in the 2019 University of Montreal study, maple syrup is an excellent alternative to commercial sports drinks. Here’s why BRIX stands out:
According to the study, maple syrup is an exceptional energy source during physical exercise or competition. Rich in easily absorbed sucrose, it provides quick and sustained energy to the muscles. What sets BRIX apart is its gluten-free, vegan, and additive-free nature, making it a wholesome choice for athletes.

BRIX – Bringing the Maple Power to Europe

BRIX is not just a product; it’s a commitment to providing European athletes and outdoor enthusiasts with a 100% green energy refueling solution. Tapped from Canadian maple trees, our product is shipped directly to our warehouse in Sweden, ensuring authenticity and quality.

As the Swedish distributor of BRIX in Europe, we’ve partnered with Ongoal to make this natural energy source accessible to a wider audience.

The Benefits of Maple Syrup

BRIX, powered by maple syrup, offers a range of benefits for endurance athletes and outdoor enthusiasts:

Source of Electrolytes

Packed with potassium, calcium, and magnesium, maple syrup aids muscle contraction and relaxation, making it an ideal addition to an athlete’s diet.

Antioxidant Boost

The polyphenols in maple syrup act as antioxidants, reducing muscle fatigue during training and accelerating recovery post-exercise.

Zinc for Muscle Health

Maple syrup contains zinc, enhancing muscle metabolism and strength development.

Rich in Manganese

With 60ml providing 100% of the manganese requirements, BRIX supports vital micro-nutrients crucial for muscle recovery.

A 100% Natural Solution


Endurance Support

Increase stamina during long activity sessions, providing sustained energy.

Post-Exercise Recovery

Replenish glycogen reserves by consuming BRIX after exercise.

Electrolyte Balance

BRIX, a source of potassium, helps balance fluid pressure in cells, supporting continued performance.

Make a Difference with BRIX!

Shop BRIX for a positive environmental impact! 5% of your purchase supports One Tree Planted.
Our key ingredient, the Canadian sugar maple, not only gives you a 100% neutral energy boost but also contributes to the environment by capturing carbon and realising oxygen. Every purchase is a meaningful step towards honouring and preserving nature!

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