BRIX Maple Energy Gel is an energy refueling product, tapped from the Canadian maple tree and shipped by one of Canada’s major maple syrup suppliers, directly to our warehouse in Sweden.

We are Sweden-Canada Products, a Swedish wholesale company and a distributor of BRIX Maple Energy Gel in Europe. Learn more about our company here.

In Canada, maple syrup is not just a breakfast staple, it’s also an energy refueling product, used in connection with physical training, competition & outdoor activities. A 100% authentic and natural product, that is gluten free, vegan and free of any colouring, additives or processed sugars.

We have brought BRIX Energy Maple Gel to Europe, to give also the European customers a chance to experience a 100% green energy refueling product.

Are you a retailer in the sports -/ outdoor market, or representing an athlete organisation?

Do you believe it would be valuable for your customers or members to get the opportunity to choose a 100% authentic and natural energy gel?

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