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We are Sweden-Canada Products, a family owned company established in Sweden. BRIX Europe is our venture of blending Swedish heart with Canadian spirit. Rooted in family ties to Canada, we’ve become more than just a distributor of BRIX in Europe; we’re the bridge connecting you to the natural energy of Canadian maple syrup.

Our Story
With a dash of Canadian inspiration, we’ve cultivated a space where passion meets performance.

Our journey began with a passion for sports and an admiration for the “fighting spirit” so often seen in North American athletes, leading us to start importing BRIX – a Canadian gem among energy supplements, whose natural essence appealed strongly to us.

As a family-owned wholesale company based in Sweden, our pride lies in our roots and the personal touch we bring to your energy needs.

At BRIX Europe, we offer more than products; we provide tailored energy solutions for every sport and activity. What sets BRIX apart is its commitment to being 100% natural, embracing diverse lifestyles, and fueling your endeavors naturally.

All Sport & Activity

BRIX provides every sport and activity with tailored energy refueling, everything from intense workouts to outdoor adventures.

100% Vegan & Gluten free

BRIX is your go-to choice for inclusive, healthy energy – 100% vegan and gluten-free for all lifestyles.

100% Natural

BRIX offers clean, natural energy, sourced from a single ingredient. Feel the power of nature in every product.

Discover Some of Our Products

Explore our product range and elevate your performance with BRIX.
Refuel Naturally

Fuel your endurance with BRIX Energy Gel Sachets and Refills – crafted for peak performance, offering a readily absorbed source of energy. Ideal for on-the-go adventures, with a minimalistic blend of 100% natural ingredients like maple syrup, Himalayan salt, and natural juice concentrate.

Elevate your workout with BRIX Energy Drink Mix – a pure blend of maple syrup and electrolytes for optimal hydration. Crafted with a trusted supplier, the 100% natural formula ensures a burst of energy without artificial additives. 

Discover the BRIX Soft Silicone Flask, featuring a washable and reusable silicone flask in two sizes, 80g and 160g. Ideal for extended activities, these flexible flasks are designed to reduce waste and enhance convenience.

Discover Our Journey So Far

As sports fanatics, we were of course aware when we visited Canada for the first time in 2013, that the maple leaf is Canada’s national symbol. But we did not fully understand the maple tree’s importance to the entire Canadian society. We quickly concluded though that the maple tree, like hockey, is part of the Canadian identity. And I remember that already there, I started to wonder if the energy that Canadian hockey players so often show at the hockey rink could have something to do with the amount of maple syrup they’ve been eating since childhood.

In retrospect, it’s kind of funny that simultaneously, the plan to distribute maple syrup not only as a breakfast staple but also as an energy supplement for athletes, were taking shape at one of Canada’s maple syrup producers. However, it would be another few years before I happened to mention my hockey reflection to one of our contacts in the Canadian maple syrup industry. Who immediately introduced us to BRIX.

And that’s how our BRIX journey started….

Bengt Lindgren, CEO


BRIX is Born

In a bold move away from conventional maple products, the founder of BRIX in Canada pioneers an energy gel based on 100% natural maple syrup. At this point, the concept of using Maple as a source of energy is groundbreaking.


The Big Breakthrough

BRIX makes a significant impact by providing energy to over 25,000 runners in the Montreal Marathon. This marks a turning point for BRIX in Canada.


Montreal University Study

The first clinical study in humans on ingestion of maple products during exercise takes place. Showing a consistent improvement in performance by
3 – 4%, which is significant for an athlete.


First Contact

Recognizing the potential to cater to the European sports industry with a 100% natural energy supplement, we establish initial contact with BRIX in Canada.


Ski Classics

The Pro Team Danish Skimarathon Team proudly represents BRIX in Ski Classics, a series of long-distance cross-country ski races in classic style across Europe.


Team Rynkeby

Road cyclists supporting the European fundraising project for children with critical illnesses, Team Rynkeby, turn to BRIX for energy refueling during their 1,200 km bike tour to Paris.


BRIX Europe Shop 2.0

We relaunch our dedicated online shop, providing a convenient platform for enthusiasts to access BRIX products.


Make a Difference with BRIX!

Shop BRIX for a positive environmental impact! 5% of your purchase supports One Tree Planted.
Our key ingredient, the Canadian sugar maple, not only gives you a 100% neutral energy boost but also contributes to the environment by capturing carbon and realising oxygen. Every purchase is a meaningful step towards honouring and preserving nature!

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