It has always been known in Canada that the Canadian maple tree is rich in nutrients. So far, however, the syrup has mainly been used by the Canadians themselves, for the traditional breakfast pancakes. But in recent years, scientific studies on the nutritional content of the syrup have been conducted, among other things to understand the product’s potential as energy resource in connection with sports. And despite the fact that they – as the scientists themselves put it – have only begun to “scratch the surface”, the results are so interesting that the scientists have already decided to proceed with further studies.

A recent report from a study at the University of Montreal shows that maple syrup works excellently as an energy source in connection with physical exercise or competition. Maple syrup is rich in sucrose, which is easily absorbed and made available to the muscles during work. Maple syrup also provides several essential nutrients. It’s considered a source of calcium, a good source of copper, and an excellent source of riboflavin and manganese. According to the report, maple syrup is an excellent alternative to commercial sports drinks, with the additional advantage that maple syrup is gluten free, vegan and free of any colouring, additives or processed sugars.

Feel free to listen to what the study’s lead investigator, Associate Professor Jonathan Tremblay at the University of Montreal, says about the study and the results from it.

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