Jesper West

Jesper West, is a 28-year-old, promising elite skier (long distance) from Finland. Jesper grew up, and still lives, in a small Finnish municipality on the Baltic coast called Malax, which is located about 20 km south of Vaasa. Jesper’s elite carrier in long distance started in 2015 and he has ever since participated in many European races. This photo was taken in 2022, during the world’s longest and toughest ski race, Red Bull Nordenski√∂ldsloppet (220 km), where Jesper ended up in an honorable 44th place, out of a total of 512 starting skiers. Jesper makes sure to always carry BRIX with him during his races, in the fluid belt and taped to his legs. To quote Jesper; “Once you’ve tried them, you’ll never race without them again”. Sweden-Canada Products is proud to support this young, promising and ambitious skier by fueling him with the energy he needs.