Jesper West

Jesper West, is a 29-year-old, promising elite skier (long distance) from Finland. Jesper grew up, and still lives, in a small Finnish municipality on the Baltic coast called Malax, which is located about 20 km south of Vaasa. Jesper’s elite carrier in long distance started in 2015 and he has ever since participated in many European races. This photo was taken in 2022, during the world’s longest and toughest ski race, Red Bull Nordenskiöldsloppet (220 km), where Jesper ended up in an honorable 44th place, out of a total of 512 starting skiers. Jesper makes sure to always carry BRIX with him during his races, in the fluid belt and taped to his legs. To quote Jesper; “Once you’ve tried them, you’ll never race without them again”. Sweden-Canada Products is proud to support this young, promising and ambitious skier by fueling him with the energy he needs.

Team AktivX

New BRIX Ambassador!

Sweden-Canada Products proudly presents our new Ambassador for BRIX Maple Energy Gel, the Swedish Amateur Cross-Country Ski Team, Team AktivX.

With cross-country skiing as a shared passion, the five guys forming Team AktivX are traveling all over Europe during the winter season, to participate in different long distance ski races, including several Ski Classic races. Each race a tough challenge, which requires a strong mentality and careful preparations in the form of hard exercise. 

Nicklas Hedin, the team’s newest member who daily works with recruitment and property development, comes from the city where the sun always shines, Karlstad☀️. Nicklas prepares himself mainly by cycling, both road biking and mountain biking, but ever since he joined the team, he has been working hard to improve his cross-country skiing ability. 

Anders Holmén, considered the team’s most innovative member due to his profession within medical research and product development of medicine, is an experienced long-distance skier with several Ski Classic races on his track record. Obviously, Anders is responsible for the team’s first-aid kit. 

Since Eric Ceder is a Department Manager in his daily work, he has been appointed Team Captain. It is Eric who handles all the planning within the team. Although he is the youngest member of the team, Eric has already gained experience from several tough Ski Classic competitions. 

Anders Schoster is the strongest skier, with the team’s best-looking upper body💪. Anders has participated in several long-distance ski races over the past few years, including several Ski Classic races. Professionally, Anders is Head of Supply Network Quality. 

Martin Henriksson is always close to a good laugh and energizes the whole team, working everyday with batteries. Experienced from Vasaloppet, Birken and Marcialonga, he also gives routine to the team.

You can follow the team on Instagram #team_aktivx

Sweden-Canada Products is proud to support this ambitious team of ski enthusiasts by fueling them with the energy they need to keep up the speed.

Danish Skimarathon Team

New BRIX Ambassador!

Sweden-Canada Products proudly presents the Danish Skimarathon Team, our new Ambassador for BRIX Maple Energy Gel.

Danish Skimarathon Team is the first Pro Team from Denmark competing at Ski Classics, where they are holding a 30th place ahead of this weekend’s race (Marcialonga, 29th January).

The team consists of an international mix of skiers;

Margeaux Thompson has a solid sports background, including elite lightweight rowing and cycling. Margeaux is from Australia but lives today in Austria, working at a medical device company in Innsbruck and using mountain running as cross training in the summer. Margeaux sees the Ski Classics as her next exciting challenge! 

Ella Jackson is the youngest athlete of the team. Just like Margeaux, Ella is from Australia and for the past eight years she has been representing the Australian National XC Ski Team. She has always had a strong desire to pursue marathon racing at some point in her ski career, and this year the time has come. Outside of skiing, Ella is currently studying at a university in Australia.

Bjørn Toft has an educational background as a physiotherapist and sports & medicine therapist, owning a clinic in Switzerland. Bjørn has a diverse sports background, including winning multiple regional championships in road cycling. Bjørn started XC skiing in the early 2000’s and today skiing is the most important sport for him. 

Joachim Trane did XC mountain biking during his teens and became national champion on the marathon distance in U19. Joachim started to ski in 2014 and has since then reached a top national level with multiple medals in Danish XC skiing and roller skiing. Joachim works as a scientist in the pharmaceutical industry.

Sune Elmose, finally, has a background as an elite volleyball player. Sune’s life is filled with physical activities, through his profession as a teacher in adventure sports. Sune was the fastest Dane at Vasaloppet 2022 and he’s the all-time best placed Dane at Red Bull Nordenskiöldsloppet (220 km). 

Sweden-Canada Products is proud to support this team of skilled athletes, by fueling them with the energy they need to keep up their active lifestyle.